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10-18-03, 01:36 AM
hey guys just wondering, i installed a geforce 5200 on my friends box as i am on his computer right now. Hes got a celeron 2.2ghz 384mb ddr pc2100 ram geforce 5200. Basically all he plays is counter-strike, and well to be honest the frames are a little less then i expected for him, so i thought i would ask you guys. it dips down to noticeble chopyness, yet my friend who has a mx440 athlon 1700+ 256mb ram gets really solid play? btw its not on an nforce board the athlon is on a 266a. I know hes on a celeron and i was wondering if thats where the performace hit is occuring? or did i possibly install something wrong and im just an idiot :) thx in advance.

10-18-03, 06:34 PM

10-18-03, 08:45 PM
There are many cases that the MX is faster. Until you use AA and AF that is.
Now you didnt say if it was the 5200 or Ultra. If it is the Ultra then it should be faster (but not by a whole lot). The non ultra will be slower to on par. Which drivers are you using? Might be worth the effort to test the WHQLs and some of the newer betas.

10-18-03, 10:31 PM
I have tried the WHQL ones and 52.13 both are roughly the same in the games i tested... whcih is more important to me then a benchmark tool. anyways its the regular 5200 not the ultra. i know this would be the wrong section to ask but can u overclock the 5200 to ultra without difficulties assuming i add a fan (5200 doesnt come with a fan). thx guys

10-19-03, 02:17 AM
I had recently bought a 5200 and sold it a week later. When I ran the bench marking tools I actually came up with geforce 2 Ti scores for this card. So a casual gamer would get use out of it but not me.