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10-18-03, 02:00 AM
I have just bought a creative fx5900 ultra, the trouble is, i am not sure if i am getting the full potential out of this card. Firstly, i have run a benchmark and it tells me that the the core clock is running at 301mhz...not the stated 450......is this because i do not have the power connected right?...if so please help...i am using the lead that splits from the back of my hard drive...is this right?....secondly....i have read the review (excellent) published on this iste...and it shows a menu in display settings whereby you can change the AA and AF...and also the core clock speeds?....i dont have this on my puta (running xp home)..i had to download n-view...which allows me to change the AA settings...but not the clock speed...please help!!

sad from london!!

thanks in advance

10-18-03, 02:05 AM
Yeah most prolly it is running slow caz you dont have the power connected to it.

If you install the drivers properly then u should "right-click the desktop and properties..settings..advanced" should give the access to changin AA or AF etc.

For OC'ing you need to download software like GeForce Tweaker or try this one of these (http://download.guru3d.com/pafiledb.php?action=category&id=13).

U need to install the software and go to properties..settings.. advanced to change clock speeds.

10-18-03, 02:13 AM
Btw splitting the Vid card and the hard disk on the same power cord is not a good idea. My friend put his 9800p and 40GB hard disk and the hard disk kept spinnin up and down.

10-18-03, 02:25 AM
Hello there FX Owner,

I have an LeadTek FX 5900 ULTRA...with it I have a 550Watts True Power Supply and I have dedicated a seperate power connector to my FX 5900 ULTRA. However spliting it form the Hard Drive shouldn't make a difference if your power supply is over 300Watts True Power. What CPU you are using...Barton definately takes extra Voltages and FX ULTRA sucks juices like anything.

Also...with that 301 Mhz you are seeing is right! It is runnin in 2D mode and you don't need a monster 450 GPU speed to run your WORD etc. When you play 3D game, the card goes to it normal clock speed of 450 MHz GPU. So do not worry....and between if you are really worried...run Aquamark benchmark and it will tell you your core SPEED IN 3D after it has run the test.

Do some becnhmark test and then compare the results online and you will know how it performs.

Enjoy the gaming. Its a great card...


10-18-03, 04:53 AM
Thanks very much for all your help guys, i will change my power cable to direct from psu (350w)...i have now found the aa/af settings, and am downloading aquamark and nvidia tweaker as we speak...i will let youknow how i get on!!

The Punisher
10-21-03, 11:26 PM
Originally posted by LUCCO51
i will change my power cable to direct from psu (350w)

really 350w or just "labeled" as 350w on the sticker? If its just labeled as 350w then chances are u're not getting full 350w of juice. As far as I know most PSUs that come with standard casings don't produce the exact rated power output. To be on the safe side get a new 400+w PSU so even if it doesn't produce 400w of juice u'll still have at least 360w left. Or if u've got some extra cash to burn, go overboard like sandeep & get urself a 550w PSU!!! Trust me, when I got my GFX5900U like u I used 350w PSU & the same power cable as my HDD & screwed it up. I lost all my data coz I gotta send it for RMA. Don't get suckered, get a better PSU.

10-22-03, 11:11 AM
On clocks
Both OnionMarks 01 and 03 have a bug which measures NVCLK when GeForce FX is still in 2D mode. A 5900 Ultra will show the 2D clock of 300 MHz instead of the 3D clock of 450 MHz. Yet another reason to distrust synthetic benchmark programs. :mad:

on PSUs

I experimented with seven different PSUs on 5800U/5900U, using everything from a SFF 200 W to a 460 W server PSU. Every watt of extra juice adds to GeForce FX performance.

For example, the largest jump was between a 300 W to 350 W PSU on the system, which added over 11% to Onionmarks01. The absolute best 5800U/5900U performance was with a 350 W PSU or higher, driving only the graphics card, with a separate PSU for all drive and motherboard connections.