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11-19-12, 06:50 AM

This is the very first time that you have been here before. The whales are watching you. They know what you did. What did you do? Ask the whales but they won‚??t tell you because they are silent. Mysteriously silent. You probably killed someone and it might have been an accident but there‚??s almost definitely blood on your hands or lipstick on your collar, or a ghost in your shoe. The hills have the answers but they‚??re as quiet as the whales. Only the wind has a voice and it whispers so quietly that all you can make out is a name. Esteban. Download Dear Esteban (http://bmo.****thisjam.com/submissions/89-dear-esteban) to learn the truth about your past and that girl with the eighties hair. It‚??s free.

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