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11-20-12, 05:00 AM

Terry ‚??VVVVVV/delightful human being‚?? Cavanagh‚??s Super Hexagon (http://superhexagon.com/) is an evil, evil thing. Other games take the time to introduce themselves and shake your hand. Super Hexagon immediately punches you in the face and draws blood. But then ‚?? vision fuzzy and head still pounding ‚?? you get up and give it another go. Seconds later, you‚??re back on the ground. This process continues until you look like a lumpier version of Grimace, the (in this case aptly named) McDonald‚??s mascot, but for some unknowable reason, you don‚??t stop. You never stop.¬*I¬*never stop. Because, you know, it‚??s pretty great and stuff. And while a PC version‚??s on the way, developer Vittorio Romeo got Cavanagh‚??s permission to put his own open source spin (http://www.facebook.com/OpenHexagon) on the eternally rotating formula.

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