View Full Version : Saw Scant Redemption: Prison Architect‚??s Fixed Fog

11-20-12, 05:40 PM

Pretty much the type of comment I hate most here is ‚??shame on you RPS for not posting about game/event x‚??. No, shame on you for being a plonker. But this time and this time only you are allowed to say ‚??shame on you‚?? to me. Why? Because I still haven‚??t played Introversion‚??s Prison Architect (http://www.introversion.co.uk/prisonarchitect/), even though I have a copy of the alpha.

Shame on me.

I do intend to correct this very soon though, and fortunately I‚??ll be going into a newly-updated build which corrects the notorious fog of war issue.
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