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11-20-12, 05:40 PM

I don‚??t envy the folk at the IGF, having to somehow encompass a term and field that‚??s now almost as broad as ‚??games‚??, not to mention the issue of (hopefully) avoiding a Rich Get Richer scenario as was some were concerned might be the case with Fez last year. With the judges currently doing their thing for the 2013 compo even as we speak (and, as one of them, I can attest to the fact that there‚??s some absolutely brilliant stuff in there: 2013 is going to a HOT year), the Independent Games Festival has made another big change. To whit (I don‚??t entirely know what ‚??to whit‚?? means, but it sounds so good), introducing (http://igf.com/2012/11/igf_2013_adds_excellence_in_na.html) an Excellence In Narrative category.
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