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11-23-12, 01:10 PM

Last time I looked at Ravaged (http://www.2dawn.com/games/ravaged/ravaged-overview) a demo had been released, which can be an effective way to entice new players into a purchase, but people notified me that the demo servers were the busiest of the lot. It‚??d be fantastic for the developers if all of those people decided to buy the game but their next move suggests that hasn‚??t been happening. The game launched at ¬£22.99 and is currently ¬£2.37 in the Steam sale. When the sale finishes it won‚??t revert back to the original price point though ‚?? instead it‚??ll be permanently reduced to ¬£6.99. The demo will also be removed at the end of the sale. Along with those changes, free DLC is on the way and some of the new content can be seen in the video below.

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