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11-23-12, 05:00 PM

In which Adam, who has played it all, and Alec, who has played around a third of it, gather to discuss IO Interactive‚??s divisive Hitman: Absolution. Devout Blood Money disciple Adam felt let down (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/11/18/wot-i-think-hitman-absolution/) by this latest reinvention of Agent 47 ‚?? does Alec feel differently? (‚??No.‚??) They do find some positive things to say about it though, promise.

Alec: I‚??ve been playing some Absolution. It‚??s brilliant! Just kidding. It‚??s a nasty, grimy, uneven game.

Adam: I almost wish I had someone to debate it with, who did think it was brilliant. But I think I‚??d just say YOU‚??RE WRONG and we‚??d find little common ground. I have been pondering how much of my dislike does come from the ugliness of it ‚?? I don‚??t think it‚??s well designed on the whole but there are bright spots. I wonder if I‚??d feel more sympathetic toward those if they weren‚??t wrapped in grime.
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