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11-24-12, 04:34 PM
Have you been busy recently? I‚??ve been unable to pry my fingers and thumbs away from my keyboard and mouse for any significant period of time for the last few days. That because all the games are cheap right now. There‚??s several worthwhile sales going on, including some excellent discounts on a few classics, and the first significant discounts on some of the hottest games from this year. From now until around mid-January is the cheapest time of the year to buy games, so you‚??ll want to stay plugged in to SavyGamer.co.uk (http://savygamer.co.uk/). This is just the start. (more‚?¶) (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/11/24/the-rps-bargain-bucket-much-good/#more-133072)

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