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11-26-12, 07:40 AM

Games about snipers tend to involve a lot of things that aren‚??t sniping and in the case of Ghostlier Warrior (http://www.sniperghostwarrior.com/), stabbing men in the armpit will be a significant feature if this footage is to be believed. Men are shot from afar, it‚??s true, but the majority of a sniper‚??s working day is not spent squeezing the trigger after an intake of breath so sharp it could cause a lung to collapse. In order to entertain the masses, armpit-stabbing replaces hours of lying prone in the dark, weeing in the accumulated mulch and foliage, suppressing memories of home, silently awaiting the day‚??s first human contact which ends in a moment of detached violence. That would be a horror game and this is a game about war.

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