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09-18-02, 07:11 AM
Hi guys, I need an opinion from any of you who has experienced water cooling... Is it worth it?

The reason why I'd like to do water cooling because of noise, and temperature. Is it true with water cooling you can get the lowest noise possible in your com, I mean you have to put a 120mm fan for the radiator, that might be noisy? correct me if i'm wrong...

and temperature, I use an Alpha8045 H/S right now, anybody knows it the difference with water cooling, is it a lot?

I'm really thinking of using water cooling since a couple weeks ago, I'm just wondering if it's worth the money...

One think I'm afraid though, this thing is "water"... water can harm my PC, It could blow up my PC all of a sudden If I don't installed it right...

So, Plzzz... need you guys opinion about this...


09-19-02, 11:44 PM
most of the people here are softies and wont' be able to help you with water cooling, you need to goto a site like www.hardocp.com check out there forums, you will find all you ever wanted to know about water cooling here.

Good luck,

09-20-02, 05:02 AM
Another place to go is FORUMOC (http://www.forumoc.com)

09-20-02, 08:12 AM
Personally, I have always been interested in water cooling...The only reason why I haven't made the transition yet is because I feel a watercooling setup requires too much maintenance. You have to periodically clean the lines and the waterblock....even if using distilled water.....

A good place to look for info on watercooling is DeviantPC.....take a look at a guy named BladeRunner's projects....they are artful.....

Good luck...


09-20-02, 08:26 AM
eh :p ... only do it if you wanna SERIOUSLY overclock ;)

09-20-02, 12:31 PM
I've decided to water cooled my system... and yes, i'm serious about cooling my system and making it quiter...

thanks for the website, I'll do some research before I bought the components...

09-22-02, 12:36 AM
I haven't the funds for watercooling :(

09-22-02, 09:51 AM
Well... I switched over too H20 quite a while ago now (see sig) and I have to say it's one of the best investments you'll ever make in terms of PC gear. The gains to be had in terms of reduced noise and additional performance are substantial and well worth the moderate outlay (all things considered) and minimal time and effort it takes to set up. Decent WC kits are well under $150 these days - you'll effectively recoup that cost by overclocking a couple of CPU upgrades and have a lot of low-noise fun whilst doing it. :D

Just my 2 's...


09-22-02, 11:40 AM
Does anyone recommend any particular vendor of water cooling supplies?


09-22-02, 11:46 AM
although i don't have a wc, no money, it really does seem to be the best investment, because, it can easily be used on your next computer, and the next, etc.

i've heard good things from www.dangerden.com and www.cooltechnica.com

09-23-02, 03:11 AM
With the right pump and a large radiator, it is true that you can have a completely silent PC. A fan is not required if you use a large radiator, one that can handle the heat load passively. There are drawbacks to this, however.

Here are a few tips I think will save you time and money when getting a WC setup.

1. Decide if you want silence or performance, or a happy medium
2. Decide if you need to move the setup (ie. will it be external or internal)
3. Determine your maximum allowable budget... and plan on spending at least $20 on small things you didn't think of.
4. If you want silence, Eheim pumps are very good, as well as Iwaki, which are more expensive. A good, quiet pump is the Eheim 1250, very popular too. If noise is any concern at all, avoid Aqua Via.
5. The best cheap radiators are heater cores, and it is easy to find a heater core to fit your needs (http://overclockers.com/tips1031/).
6. The waterblock is actually not important as you think... most modern blocks perform very close to each other. It is better to consider the cost and clamping method when buying one, rather than performance. Besides, 90% of waterblock reviews are utter garbage, do not trust their numbers.
7. Where to buy on the cheap: Ebay for pumps, Auto store/junkyard for heater cores, FS/FT forums for waterblocks.

Generally, even decent watercooled setups are better than the best aircooled setups. It is possible to build a silent watercooled PC that performs better than the best, loudest HSF.

Check out the articles at overclockers.com and procooling.com, these will certainly provide some inspiration.

09-24-02, 12:07 PM
I bought my Cooler for about 20 German Marks which was at that time about 10 Dollars, a pump from Eheim for about another 15 $ , heater core from the local junkyard about 5$, about 6 ft. silicon hose & clamps, 12mm Coppertubing - 3 $ , Plexyglass 8$.

Cut the Plexy an used a gluegun and hotglued it to make a Water Resivior set the pump inside and on the Top I glued some Tubing for the Hose.

I then took the Heater Core, cut the big Tubes off and solderd the 12mm tubing on it. I put the Heater Core near the Floor ( cooler air there).

After everything was put together I let it run for about 3 days to make sure ther's no Leaks.

I don't use a Ventelator, so there's no Noise. I had a Duron 1200 runing for about 6 months@ 1333 --- no probs.:D

09-24-02, 07:44 PM
Thanks for all your replies guys...

Now, I have all the components ready... I just need to set it up...

I'll post the result after tommorow...

Thanks once again...

09-28-02, 01:03 AM
I just finished my water cooling project a few days ago... and I'd like to share few things about it...

First, My system runs a lot cooler than before around 7-10 Celcius, I use ALPHA PAL8045 with 80mm Sunon fan before... I'm running Xp1900 at 146Mhz now at 48-49 degree in full load... It use to be 143Mhz and it's not stable, now it is...

Second, my system is soooooooo damn quietttttt now... I only use 2 80mm generic fans in my computer now... one for the radiator, the other one is in my PSU... I could use a 120mm fan for the radiator, but i don't want to use it... why? cos 80mm is all I need, as long as there's airflow through the radiator, that will be enough...

I use 120mm fan before in 5v setting, my system becomes cooler, about 5 degree cooler... but I like to make my system as quiet as possible...

Well, if you have the money and you don't mind spending it... about $200 for it, you really can't go wrong with water cooling... in the future, you have to think about its maintenance though...

Water cooling is awesome... especially if a very quiet system that you are aftering... and a highly o/c system as well... HEHE... :)

09-28-02, 01:20 AM
The maintenence isn't really all that bad if you plan your system so that it's easy to remove the water cooling components.

Congrats on getting yours all set up. It's a fun project, isn't it? :)

09-28-02, 03:53 AM
Congrats on getting yours all set up. It's a fun project, isn't it?

Thanks... yeah, it's quite fun... I'm so glad the results are impresive and no leaks happened, having a silent PC is like a new experience to me... listening to my mp3 is a lot more enjoyable now...