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12-01-12, 01:40 PM

Hell Yeah! (http://store.steampowered.com/app/205230/) isn‚??t really the sort of title you‚??d expect to see attached to something subdued and contemplative, and sure enough, Arkedo‚??s action-heavy Metroidvania is about as ridiculous, random, and fourth-wall-shattering as they come. But as the likes of Hamlet and Pee-Wee Herman have taught us, there‚??s an art to madness. It can be brilliantly amusing and useful, sure, but if it‚??s a crutch for something that‚??s fundamentally broken, well, you‚??ve just got a loud mess instead of quiet one. So, where does Hell Yeah! land on that spectrum? Here‚??s wot I think.

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