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12-03-12, 05:50 AM

Despite all the talk over the years, I think we‚??d all long ago given up on there ever being a proper, official, original team sequel to the RPG that can change the nature of a man, Planescape: Torment. However, one of its original devs has expressed his interest in a follow-up and come up with an intruiging way around the licensing issue.

Colin McComb, who played a major design role in PST, now works at InXile, where the bulk of his work on the upcoming Wasteland 2 is now complete. So he‚??s wondering (http://colinmccomb.com/?p=157) what grindstone to put his nose to next. ‚??Of all the games I‚??ve written, the one that I keep circling back to is Torment.‚??
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