View Full Version : Bethesda Late Than Never: Dragonborn DLC Early 2013

12-03-12, 01:50 PM

Bethesda have announced that Skyrim‚??s (http://www.elderscrolls.com/) Dragonborn DLC will be available on PC early next year, following a gestation period on the MicroBox. The content is out shortly on the console of 360 exclusives so the internet will be full of details soon but a leak has already occurred in Bethesda‚??s dam. Apparently. There‚??s a great deal of plausible information, apparently courtesy of a beta tester, trapped like a fly in the interweb and if you so wish you can look peruse the info-spillage at The Outhousers forum (http://www.theouthousers.com/index.php/news/119342-skyrim-dragonborn-dlc-leak-part-deux.html) where it first appeared. The bit about dragonbirth labour pains is particularly enlightening. The link contains a million spoilers, of course.

http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/RockPaperShotgun?d=nQ_hWtDbxek (http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/RockPaperShotgun?a=LvAC65nw7Io:Hs1bTOFRBZw:nQ_hWtD bxek) http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/RockPaperShotgun?d=yIl2AUoC8zA (http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/RockPaperShotgun?a=LvAC65nw7Io:Hs1bTOFRBZw:yIl2AUo C8zA)

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