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12-04-12, 04:40 AM

I dunno about that Citizen Kane of videogames nonsense, but one thing we definitely have is the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of videogames. Bring up the name Tale of Tales, most renowned/notorious for The Path (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/the-path/), and you will be sure to spark a war. A war between those who believe games can be anything and those who believe games have to stick to a strict definition of games. Itâ??s a very boring war and I donâ??t understand why people object to the existence of things they do not themselves enjoy, but THE INTERNET. Personally, Iâ??m not quite sure ToTâ??s games have always lived up their promise or the concepts they explore, but this does not preclude me from being grateful for their existence, and for their continued dedication to experimentation.

So, their new game software product BientĂ´t lâ??Ă©tĂ© (http://tale-of-tales.com/bientotlete/). Itâ??ll be out later this month, all being well, and appears to be an even more overt departure from traditional game objectives and systems than before.
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