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12-04-12, 04:40 AM

Once, I thought there was at least some cold, profit-maximizing business precision that guided whatever awfulness-seeking missile explodes games into not-great movies, but now I‚??m not even sure of that anymore. I mean, don‚??t get me wrong: Company of Heroes (http://www.companyofheroes.com/) is a work of absolute RTS brilliance, but it‚??s not exactly a household name. And yeah, much as I think¬*my most brilliant tactical masterpieces ‚?? for instance, a nuanced little number I like to call TANKS EVERYWHERE ‚?? are worth their own movie adaptations, the game‚??s brand of top-down contemplaction doesn‚??t exactly make for the best big screen material. Then again, this one‚??s direct-to-DVD, so I guess that solves that. But obviously, making the leap to a new medium required Company of Heroes to take some liberties. For instance, when I say ‚??making the leap,‚?? I mean that literally. Across the top of a train. Like Indiana Jones. See for yourself after the break.

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