View Full Version : Wurm Welcome: Wurm Online Emerging From Six Year Beta

12-05-12, 06:40 AM

Did you know that Notch existed before Minecraft (https://minecraft.net/)? Not only that, he breathed and ate food and made games and everything! Just like a real flesh being. But when he decided to pursue Minecraft‚??s blocky green pastures, his previous claim to fame, sandbox fantasy MMO wonderland Wurm Online (http://wurmonline.tumblr.com/), didn‚??t miss a beat. And by that, I mean it stayed in beta for six years and change. But with good reason: after all, even the likes of EVE Online certainly didn‚??t get anything-goes craziness entirely right on day one. And it had a team of more than, er, roughly three people. So then, why is Wurm worming its way out of beta‚??s nourishing soils now? Well, apparently, this was the plan all along.

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