View Full Version : Europa Shows Off Insane Moon Driving, Contemplation

12-06-12, 03:30 AM

I don‚??t actually own any radars, but if I did, I‚??m pretty sure one of them would be going haywire right now in Europa (http://www.quickfingers.net/)‚??s general direction. I mean, it‚??s sending off so many rapturously joyous signals.¬*Moon signals. First, it billed itself as somewhat akin to Fallout 3 (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/11/07/europa-is-sort-of-fallout-3-in-space/), but ‚?? much as I exude passionate (and potentially deadly) affection radiation for Bethesda‚??s re-invention of Black Isle‚??s opus ‚?? I‚??m actually really happy to see Europa taking on an identity all its own. The setting, especially, seems to really be moving it in new directions ‚?? which is something that I suppose tends to happen when gravity‚??s not in the equation. Case in point: cars. Watch one tumble off mountains in a distinctly Just-Cause-2-like fashion after the break. And then shift gears entirely to take a long, atmosphere-rich gaze at Jupiter.

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