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10-21-03, 01:51 AM
I am experiencing machine startup problems that are very perplexing and am wondering if other users have had or are experiencing similar.

My machine specs are:

Abit KT7A motherboard
768MB 133Mhz SDRam
AMD Athlone 1000MHz CPU
Nvidia G4Ti4600 Graphics Card
Creative SoundBlaster Live SoundCard
IEEE 1394 Card
SMC 1211 Network Card
Dell E770p Monitor
Windows 98 SE

The problem:

When starting up the machine, I am greeted with the initial screen, but with geometrically missing characters - that is it looks as if regular column have been deleted.

Then when the screen clears to start loading the system files (config.sys and autoexec.bat), there are other characters (typically hearts and diamonds) interspersed in columnar format throughout the text.

Whenever I get these displays, upon startup, Windows terminates without loading with the error message "Windows protection error. You have to restart your computer".

I have taken out all the additional cards except the video card and even removed all memory sticks bar one and have still got the same results.

I then went to the motherboard manufacturers web-site and downloaded and installed the very latest Bios update and installed that as well as the flash software and still the same thing.

I eventually removed the NVidia card and replaced it with the Trio 3D/2X video card and - perfect boot!!!

Does anyone out there recognise these symptoms? Is there something I am not doing? The fault definately appears to be with the 4600 card, but is there a solution to this.

I would dearly appreciate some feedback if anyone out there knows the answer to this.

10-21-03, 03:00 AM
Possible Problems

1. Computer Virus
2. Check input connectors and ram to , missaligment might cause data corruption.
3. Defective card perhapse ? check coolers. Did you overcloak when did it started happening ?
4. Windows is acting up try reinstalling windows.
5. HardDrive is corrupted and or IDE cables get different cable and try booting again.
6. Try setting bios to default reset everything.

10-21-03, 03:02 AM
Dang i should read till the end before posting :p ah well extra post counts.

Your Geforce4 is screwd make sure cooler is working and heatsinks are properly attached , if you can err if you still got warranty hurry and get it changed... either Ram is defective and or GPU is damage.

From bios set it to AGP 2x maybe MotherBoard chip got an issue with your video card. !

10-21-03, 04:28 AM
Thanks for your prompt response DVS.

I had kinda come to that conclusion already :( , but was hoping against hope i suppose :rolleyes: .

The fan works well and the heatsink is unmoveable.

I had even set the BIOS to AGP 1X and 2X in an attempt to see if it corrected the problem. No such luck!! :confused:

It worked fine up till about two to three months ago, then I got the garbled screen very occasionally. I did find then that if I disconnected the mains from the computer for a short while, everything went back to normal. But it got progressively worse till now even Windows refuses to boot.

And the worst thing is: the warranty has only JUST expired!!!!:mad:

Do they time these things?:mad:

Looks as if the $$$$$$$'s :eek: are going to have to talk - cant do without a good graphics card.

Any suggestions?

10-21-03, 09:29 PM
Suggest waiting till Thursday and read the reviews. We'll have several up on this site. ;)