View Full Version : New South Park Trailer Has Gags, Causes Gagging

12-08-12, 09:20 AM

Ah, South Park. When itā??s got a good head of steam going, itā??s marvelously spot-on, but when it steps over the line, it ends up miles off the mark. So naturally, Iā??m approaching South Park: The Stick of Truth (http://www.stickoftruth.com/) with some trepidation, because it looks exactly like an episode of the show. Granted, with Obsidian at the wheel and yearsā?? worth of development time to make sure every joke lands just so, this one certainly has a far better chance of being consistently strong than an average drop in the seriesā?? ridiculously large bucket. But yes, new footage! Thereā??s cursing and Kenny jokes and Cartman being Cartman and all that good stuff. Go watch.

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