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12-08-12, 09:20 AM

Last week I got to sit down and make my hands do things in Relic‚??s next strategy game, the Eastern Front-set World War II war of men that is Company of Heroes 2. (http://www.companyofheroes.com/) While previously we‚??ve been shown frozen landscapes with dramatic new snow effects, this time I got thrown into the mud.

I was in a war, you know. A big war, with explosions and tanks and dug-outs and men with flamethrowers and men with mortars and men with machine guns and men with rocket-propelled grenades. It was awful. So I‚??m only too happy to go back to it.

In my couple of hours with Company of Heroes 2, I swiftly established that it is very much the sequel to Company of Heroes. Perhaps more so than I‚??d been expecting, given the action-RPG stylings of Dawn of War 2 was a sharp turn to the left from Dawn of War 1‚?≤s tried and tested real-time strategising. Company of Heroes is Real War though, so a careful sticking to strategic roots is to be expected.

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