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12-09-12, 04:50 AM

Graphics, graphics, graphics. It‚??s all you lot care about. Actually, it‚??s what I care about most when it comes to PC performance. So why fight it? Instead, I‚??ve got a couple of graphics-related titbits for you this week. Firstly, I‚??ve had a chat with Intel‚??s graphics guru, Richard Huddy. Odds are, you‚??ll be gaming on Intel graphics one day. What‚??s more, the mere fact that Intel has snapped up the likes of Mr Huddy, previously known for his dev-rel uberness at ATI, when there was an ATI, is symptomatic of Intel‚??s increasingly full-on attitude to graphics. The other part of this week‚??s awfully exciting package is NVIDIA‚??s new GeForce Experience. It‚??s an automated game settings optimisation tool. The idea is to take the headache out of graphics settings and give you the holy grail of PC performance and visuals with console levels of setup pain, which is to say zero pain.
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