View Full Version : Metro: Last Light Has All The Graphics, None Of The Hope

12-12-12, 10:40 AM

God probably died. That‚??s the most prominent point put forth by a new Metro: Last Light (http://www.enterthemetro.com/) trailer‚??s wearily somber narrator, and it pretty much sets the tone for the whole game. Society‚??s in shambles, monsters and radiation seep from every crevice, and everything above ground has turned gray for some reason. Except things that were gray before. They‚??re now double-gray. Pretty dismal, huh? And by the looks of things, Metro will leave your PC‚??s insides looking like the bleeding ruins of a bombed-out Russia too. By which I mean it‚??s completely gorgeous. Just in an awfully depressing type of way.

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