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12-13-12, 07:11 AM

Update:¬*GSC responded to our queries, pointing out two rather major items: 1) ‚??BitComposer doesn‚??t have any rights as to S.T.A.L.K.E.R., except for distributing our game Call of Pripyat on some territories,‚?? a rep clarified. ‚??They may have purchased the rights for the game based on Roadside¬*Picnic,¬*but it has nothing to do with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or its universe.‚?? 2) ‚??GSC is seeking ways to continue the series, and we‚??re also considering selling out the brand to a decent developer or publisher.‚?? Hear that? Somebody amazing, BUY STALKER.

Original:¬*I always wanted to be able to tell people STALKER (http://www.stalker-game.com/) will never die, but I‚??m not sure I wanted it to be like this. First, German publisher bitComposer claimed to have obtained the rights (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/12/bitcomposer-acquire-s-t-a-l-k-e-r-from-strygatsky/) to develop games about Chernobyl‚??s implausibly bad luck with nuclear power via a book-series-shaped backdoor. When doubt was cast upon the validity of their claim, they confirmed to Jim that the rights are theirs, but hesitated to comment any further as to what that could mean for the series or the sadly defunct STALKER 2. Now, though, the thought-to-be-corpsified remains of original STALKER dev GSC Game World have caught wind of the controversy, and they‚??re returning fire with fighting words.

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