View Full Version : Hawken Nearly Ready For Hawking, Open Beta Opens

12-13-12, 07:11 AM

It‚??s cold outside. Holiday vacation hasn‚??t started yet. The world might end soon. These are all equally pressing issues, but fortunately, I think I‚??ve got a solution that wraps them up in a nice, holiday-friendly bow: giant robots. Think about it: they‚??re naturally warm, have no concept of ‚??work,‚?? and will probably be the reason our race of overly argumentative organ pods goes extinct anyway. Win-win-win. Also, Hawken just went into open beta (https://www.playhawken.com/download/). It‚??s really great, so it‚??ll probably help you feel better about the sorry state of your life and stuff. But mainly those other things.

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