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12-13-12, 02:00 PM

This will upset some people, but John just isn‚??t a financial expert. His stabs (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/12/how-british-is-british-the-rules-for-uk-tax-relief/) at trying to understand the new UK tax relief rules for games development have been enthusiastic, but inexpert. Which is why we‚??ve turned to Chris England ‚?? developer of Xenonauts, and qualified accountant. As an independent developer, and a financial expert, the subject affects and interests him directly. So he‚??s taken a deeper look to see how it really applies to the UK‚??s indie developers, and why it fails to take into account the newer methods for funding development.

Back in March, the UK government made all of us happy by announcing that 2013 would herald the arrival of a new tax relief for the video games industry. They confirmed this in the Autumn Statement last week ‚?? but what does the draft legislation actually mean for British indie companies? Well, it‚??s (qualified) good news! The tax relief being proposed is pretty generous. Here‚??s a simple breakdown of how it will work.

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