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12-14-12, 05:10 AM

Well now, this came out of nowhere. Once upon a time, Turbine‚??s Asheron‚??s Call (http://ac.turbine.com/) ‚?? which is still running to this day ‚?? had an apocalypse dropped on it. The result? A vastly re-shaped world that had ‚??sequel‚?? written all over it ‚?? but mainly on the box, because it was called Asheron‚??s Call 2. It was quite well-received back in 2002, but by 2005, subscriber numbers had dwindled to a mere¬*15,000. To put it in perspective using entirely made-up math, that‚??s one 11 trillionth of a World of Warcraft. So Turbine dropped another apocalypse on its flagship fantasy world, only this time, it was a bit more final. Except that, as it turns out, it actually wasn‚??t at all. Without even so much as a warning, Turbine‚??s plucked Asheron‚??s Call 2 from its early grave (http://forums.ac.turbine.com/showthread.php?t=57257), breathed life back into its dusty lungs, and sent it on its way.

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