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12-15-12, 01:00 PM

Way back when Splinter Cell: Blacklist (http://splintercell.ubi.com/blacklist/en-us/index.aspx) first leaped into the spotlight, it did so in a fairly strange fashion by, well, leaping into the spotlight. Instead of methodical skulking, we saw fast-paced hulking ‚?? in broad, nearly blinding daylight, no less. It felt bizarre, as though Sam had suddenly become some hard-charging young gun in his old age. Recent videos, however, have eased my fear the teensiest of bits on that front ‚?? first with some admittedly takedown-heavy stealth (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/03/non-lethal-nerve-punching-splinter-cell-blacklist/), and now by showing us just how much time and effort is going into getting various forms of light and darkness just right.

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