View Full Version : FS: Max Payne 2

10-21-03, 11:58 PM
Hi, i bought and beat max payne 2, ill sell it shipped 30$ usa or canada.

email glowstick@insightbb.com aim STVCameorn

10-22-03, 01:06 AM
Hmm I might want it if I get some extra funds thursday. Is it still in mint condition (no scratches, box and all, I am a fanatic about things like that)? If so how about $20 being both eb and best buy have it for $30. I also have a couple PS2 games to trade if interested.

10-22-03, 09:48 AM
Its in mint, i played it for 2 days then beat it. Fun game with a new twist from its physics engine, you can do some pritty cool stuff with it, even though they make it very ovious of what they want you to do. i checked best buy and they have it for 34.99.

But what im basicly asking is 25$ for the game then 5$ for the shipping. I have to say that this game dose have one of the coolist boxes, its like the NiN And All that Could of been DVD (halo seventeen)

btw im leaving for work now, and have school after so i cant ship untill tomorow!