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12-17-12, 02:20 PM
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With gaming no longer a mere pastime but instead a major lifestyle choice which defines our very souls, itā??s important that those who play videogames for a living share their special areas with the great unwashed of the general public. How else to make them dream the impossible dream, to have them aspire to a life of miracles and multiple different places to sit? I have been so inspired by the openness, honesty and trust other game journalists have recently demonstrated by revealing their luxurious, swag-filled play areas to the world, and now I know what it is I must do.

So, for the first time, today I exclusively invite you into my innermost sanctum: the place where I play videogames by mself, where I write Rock, Paper, Shotgun and where I go to look at websites that I donā??t want anyone else knowing I look at. I think youā??ll agree, itā??s something quite special.

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