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12-19-12, 12:20 PM

You might look at the RPS team and see a ragtag bunch of goofy, kindhearted fellows who want nothing more than to write about PC games and be intimidatingly handsome, but trust me: you‚??re making a grievous mistake. The games writing thing? Just a side business to support our worldwide network or¬*incalculable¬*evil. If it can be called a form of villainy, odds are, we‚??ve got our hands in it. Huh, why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, because you‚??re currently chained to a table with a laser about to bifurcate your skull, silly. But, in the event that you somehow survive, perhaps you‚??ll find that a life of irresponsible evil is right for you too. Fortunately, Ludum Dare 25 (http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/) was all about various forms of villainy, so these games can help you become good quite good at being bad. You‚??ll find a number of standouts and the maniacal sage wisdom they impart after the break.

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