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12-21-12, 07:10 AM

The new Groupees bundle (http://groupees.com/bagb) includes loads of games but I havenā??t even heard of most of them. Itā??s a ā??pay what you wantā?? deal, although the minimum price rises as you add more games from the selection. Two games will set you back a minimum of $1.50 and the reason Iā??m posting about it at all is that buying any two adds La Mulana (http://la-mulana.com/en/) to your order as a freebie. If you donā??t know about La Mulana, Iā??ll consider that at least partly my fault because Iā??ve been meaning to write down wot I think about it for months but, somehow, I always fail. I am a failure. La Mulana, however, is a roaring success. If you like Spelunky*, Metroid or Dark Souls, you should spend $1.50 to buy La Mulana.

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