View Full Version : Does it make sense to upgrade to GTX 660 from GTX 460 ?

12-23-12, 06:18 PM
I need to upgrade my rusty GTX 460 768 MB.

- I am never ever going to put another ATI into my machine. Never again, irrespective of the price. That leaves me with nVidia
- I play on my FullHD TV, preferably at 1920x1080
- Image Quality requirements - since the TV is about 1 meter from me, the AA/AF is of paramount importance
- I had to start turning off VSync / AA lately and as you can imagine, that sucks a lot
- Since I spent a fortune in past on gfx cards, I managed to persuade myself to keep it brutally cheap, thus my current price range is only around $200
- I never sell the old card, I always keep all the old ones - I simply do not have the heart to sell a $400 card for $40 - that doesn`t make sense to me at all
- Only reference clocks accepted - I stopped overclocking my cards about 10 yrs ago - it rarely makes sense anyway - when the card is slow, it is simply slow and OC`ing it without liquid cooling does not help a lot. No point in getting 6 fps more, if it is still below 60 fps...

Options :
- GTX 560 - that seems to have an identical performance as GTX460, thus is out of the picture
- GTX 660 - that looks like it starts to make sense, but the difference between 460 and 660 is not very big.

Would it make sense, to go for 670 ? Doesn`t look like the price differential is worth it, though.

Any ideas ?

12-26-12, 04:05 PM
:firedevilI am surprised that no one had anything to say about the upgrade, but you can close this thread, since I finally found a site that can directly compare benchmarks between both cards, thus giving me the direct answer if 660, 670 or 680 make sense to upgrade to from 460.

Even though probably no one will read this, I was particularly surprised by the absurd price/performance differential for 670. That 2 GB card costs 50% more than it should - it would be barely worth $240, definitely not $380 they ask for it...

It is crazy, that even after 15 yrs I have been buying gfx cards, the market is still so ****ed up and is heavily geared towards screwing the customer as good as it gets.

You can so easily buy a crap that costs 100-200% more than comparative alternatives, unless you spend a hell-of-a lot of time doing research across 10 sites.

It almost looks like the marketing department gets more guys than R&D department :rw:

01-11-13, 10:01 AM
The GTX-660 would be a big improvement over the 460 because of the extra memory specially since you have the 768mb version and it is quite a bit faster in new games.I feel like they are all over priced.The GTX-670 will be faster and you can turn up the FSAA all the way and aniso up to 16x.But it is hard to justify the nearly double price when you could almost buy two GTX-660's for the same price and run SLI.

06-26-13, 02:43 PM
with the release of the gtx 700 series at it's price points, we are finally seeing how much we are being screwed over in terms of the performance/price differential you are talking about. I had a gtx 680 amp at one time. Performed well, but when I saw the price of the gtx 770 and it outpeforming the 680, I almost cried.