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12-29-12, 03:00 PM
It's always difficult to narrow an entire year of games down to just a select set of the best, but this task seemed harder than usual in 2012. The year really was an embarrassment of riches as far as video games, with plenty of excellent, innovative games ranging from indie to AAA, from iOS to high-end PC.

This is our best attempt to narrow that great year to 20 games that we feel no one should miss. Obviously there were some personal picks from our editors that didn't make the cut; a small sample of these are included in the "best of the rest" section at the end of this piece. Even with that, there are plenty of deserving games that we weren't able to include. Let us know what you thought were the best games of the year in the comments.

20. Dustforce

Hitbox Team
Windows, Mac, Linux

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