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01-10-13, 02:30 PM

Here‚??s some Prohibition news: I watched Lawless (http://lawless-film.com/) last year and even though it‚??s paced badly at times, I enjoyed it and marvelled at Shia TheBeef doing some proper acting. Keep the lad away from Spielberg and Bay and he might have a bright future in the business called ‚??show‚??. Or at least a less obvious one (http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/aug/31/shia-labeouf-sex-tape-von-trier-nymphomaniac). Omerta (http://www.cityofgangsters.com/uk/) takes place in the big city rather than out in the sticks but, like Lawless, it‚??s about guns, gangsters and odd pacing, the latter due to its turn-based nature. Craig pointed out that the latest trailer is a Mac trailer and it also reuses lots of footage from the previous video, but it does show more of the strategic interface and has a toe-tapping tune.

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