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01-14-13, 07:10 AM

Just before Christmas, Nathan wrote a piece asking for a conversation (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/28/why-arent-we-discussing-videogame-violence/) about the role gaming violence plays in our lives. And as so many have when discussing the topic, he featured an image from Dishonored at the top ā?? a man getting stabbed through the neck. For Joe Houston, the former Arkane developer who created that stabbing scene, this was the prompt he needed to give his own perspective on the subject.

Whenever Iā??m clicking my way through game industry opinion articles, I tend to get hung up on pieces about video game violence. This is mostly because the image plastered across the top of the post is a screen grab from Dishonored. You know, the one where a member of the city watch gets his jugular opened in a first-person blast of arterial spray. But itā??s not the shock of that image that stops me. No, I pause because Iā??m the guy that wrote the code to make the player do that in the first place.

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