View Full Version : Newer 5900s

10-23-03, 05:38 PM
Are all the newer 5900s based on the NV38 respin? I recently bought a 5900, and it's stable at 500 MHz core. I was thinking that if all the newer 5900s were based on the NV38 respin, then the 5900 non Ultra might be a really good deal.

10-23-03, 08:50 PM
But I'd say no. As far as I know all the 5900's are based on the NV35 chip. The only video card based on the NV38 chip is the 5950.

10-23-03, 09:38 PM
I thought the NV38 was just an NV35 respin. It'd seem more logical that they would transition the entire NV35 line over to NV38 in order to improve yields. This way they could leverage an economy of scale and simply bin sort to differentiate 5900 from 5950 Ultra. If it was the other way around, then it would be much more expensive for them to contract manufacturing for these chips.

10-23-03, 09:50 PM
NVIDIA is introducing the NV38 as only 5950 Ultra with no non-ultra nv38. Simultaneously, 5900 Ultras are being EOL'd and now NV35 is offered only as a 5900 non-Ultra.

10-23-03, 10:11 PM
Well either way it doesn't really make a difference. If they aren't selling 5900 Ultra anymore, then invariably some of the 5900 chips which would have been bin sorted as Ultra would now simply be sold as 5900 non Ultra. The end result is that there'll be a greater number of 5900 non Ultra chips on the market that will be highly overclockable.