View Full Version : Det5216 Bug: WinXP customized desktop icons don't stick

10-23-03, 06:20 PM
New bug as of 52.16: I customized my WinXP desktop icons (Display Properties -> Desktop -> Customize Desktop), changing the My Computer, Recycle Bin icons etc...

If I logoff or reboot and log back into Windows, all my icons are reverted back to the original Windows ones.

Issue goes away if I go back to Det 40. I didn't try any of the others Det 50 betas.

Running WinXP SP1, up-to-date patch-wise.

Now I only have to hope that somehow someone discovers this bug at nVidia, since there's no way to contact them. Contacting my board maker won't help considering they dropped out of the nVIDIA market last year, and the drivers are pure reference nVIDIA. <sigh>

10-23-03, 08:45 PM
Hmmm, I can't seam to reproduce that. Are you sure you are loggin on as the same user?

What board are you running? Multimonitor?

10-23-03, 10:24 PM

I definitely am, as there's only one user on this computer.

Board is a Visiontek GF4 Ti 4400. One single VGA monitor.

11-13-03, 10:36 PM
Just spent the evening tracking down this issue, and getting pretty close now:

Whenever I have any registry subkey existing under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\CLSID then on reboot all customized desktop icons revert to their default. I tracked down one program that created a subkey there, whenever I deleted that subkey the issue went away. I tried manually creating a random subkey, and the issue came back. So the issue isn't specific to the subkey, but happens whenever there is ANY subkey there.

The issue is still there with Det 52.70.

Short-term fix, I set that subkey permission to forbid my user account from being able to create any subkey in this key. However I'd like al ong-term solution or a real explanation as to why this issue appeared with Detonator V50 :/

Would be nice too if anyone else could recreate these steps and confirm they can recreate this issue. Just create a random Sub-Key at the location I mentionned, change the icon for My Computer to a different one, logoff then log back into your account, and see if My Computer reverted back to the system default icon.