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01-16-13, 12:20 PM

Guild Wars 2 (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/) has been around for four whole months now, and ‚?? in gaming industry time ‚?? that means it‚??s become A Man. So it‚??s time to grow up or go home, and ArenaNet has no intention of doing the latter. Last year was about experimentation ‚?? nervously fumbling around in the dark, fondling at things it couldn‚??t quite fully grasp ‚?? but now it‚??s older and wiser. Multiple events have come and gone, but more are on the way. They‚??ll just be bigger and better, apparently, as will daily achievements and other rewards, World vs World PvP, various progression paths, and heaps more. Don‚??t believe me? Well then, perhaps having a different man tell you the exact same things will do the trick. He‚??s trapped inside a tiny, HTML-powered rectangle after the break.

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