View Full Version : Looking for software to help me install windows 7 as lite as possible

01-25-13, 08:43 PM

Like the tittle says am looking for a soft ware to install windows as lite as possible... meaning take out the media player, wall papers, a lot of the default programs trying to shrink it as much as I can


07-06-15, 10:30 AM
this information about windows 7 is what i would like to know as well. to make windows 7 light i ditch as much as i can so ditch Microsoft Office then use Open Office like Libreoffice which is supported for Windows XP. After using Microsoft Office you will notice that Open Office is faster and more secure. If you are using anything made by Microsoft such as Outlook Express then you can use Mozilla Thunderbird as your Free Email Application that is easy to setup and customize and is loaded with great features. Windows XP Media Player can be replaced with VLC Media Player. Windows Messenger can be replaced with Google Talk.