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Red Dog
10-25-03, 12:16 PM
I dont have an NV card right now, but people are raving about this driver. Its supposed to have modified AF for better performance and iq.

everything below is a quote from this thread,


Yes I have finally finished the StarStorm 52.16 drivers!

As usual we have the StarStorm 52.16x drivers based off the recently WHQL'd 52.16 drivers.

Some new setting and things I have here are:

- Some things have been occuring where people would use rivatuner to ajust my settings - Just so you guys know you can change what settins you want with it just don't mess with the LOD in either OGL or D3D cause it will overright some of my Quality/Performance settings.
- Texture LOD selector tab in the D3D window has been disabled. This was done to make sure you don't mess with my great drivers.
- More Quality/Performance tweaks added to 52.16x drivers.
- New driver introduced I call it the StarStorm XQ driver. This driver adds major quality to the original nvidia driversand is easly noticable with anisotropic filtering on and expecially when you have it on 8X. You will litteraly see the grains of sand or blades of grass.
- New settings in the driver windows for select nvidia cards.
- Also if you install these over any older drivers they should work fine but a uninstall of the old is recommended.

Links for downloads are here: Thank you Spyross and Tiny-Goku for hosting!

StarStorm 52.16x: (Quality with performance boost)

StarStorm 52.16XQ: (XtreamQuality with maybe a performance hit)

Both Drivers http://users.pandora.be/TinyGoku/Starstorm

Deputy Doofy
10-25-03, 01:06 PM
Name: Benchmark 2003-10-25 19-03-56

Vendor: AuthenticAMD
Name: AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2100+
SpeedMHz: 1768
Type: 0
Family: 6
Model: 6
Stepping: 2
Flags: 0xC1C3FBFF
Number: 1
HyperThreading: n/a
MemoryOS: 536371200

Description: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 (StarStorm 52.13x)
Vendor: 4318
Device: 817
SubSys: 2400916603
Revision: 161
CoreClock: 462
MemoryClock: 947
Driver: nv4_disp.dll
VideoMemory: 134217728
TextureMemory: 248512512

Version: Microsoft Windows XP
Build: Service Pack 1 2600

DisplayWidth: 1024
DisplayHeight: 768
DisplayDepth: 32
AntialiasingMode: 0
AntialiasingQuality: 0
AnisotropicFiltering: 4
DetailLevel: 4
AvgFPS: 37.774586
MinFPS: 16.732178
MaxFPS: 79.724403
AvgFPSRender: 58.499901
AvgFPSSimulation: 106.602943
AvgTrianglesPerSecond: 11371365
MinTrianglesPerSecond: 1512038
MaxTrianglesPerSecond: 28439350
AquamarkScoreRender: 5850
AquamarkScoreSimulation: 5331
AquamarkScore: 37774

Could clock it more but would get same result as nVidia 52.16 :/

10-26-03, 01:08 AM
Why bother with mip maps at all??? these drivers have a -15 LOD bias which is stuiped. You don't make the image quality better by decrease the LOD stuipidly you need a higher level of anistropic filtering ( even though the nvidia drivers don't support it ).

Red Dog
10-26-03, 05:39 AM
/Looks at BloodBob's sig

Shut you Noob!

Just kiddin man! :D

10-26-03, 12:22 PM
In the small screencaps in the Guru3D thread, you can see the specks of sand thru the HUD targeting reticle. That doesn't look good to me. The reticle should be solid color. Granted, maybe I'm nitpicking but I want to see some full screen screenshots before I install these drivers.

10-26-03, 02:32 PM
Originally posted by Sledge
Granted, maybe I'm nitpicking but I want to see some full screen screenshots before I install these drivers.

Don't bother.

10-26-03, 03:36 PM
I have to agree, settings which use high negative mip map settings make things look worse particularly when things are in motion. In certain games there are even options to disable mip-maps and it doesn't look good, without mip maps you get a high degree of texture shimmering. Anisotropic filtering is definitely the way to go if you want better texture sharpness.