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10-25-03, 01:37 PM
Hey all. I just purchased a Geforce4 ti4200. I followed the usual stuff and uninstalled my geforce2 mx drivers, shut down the computer, replaced the cards, rebooted into safe mode, installed the latest nvidia drivers, and restarted the computer. Well, the next time I restarted, I got as far as the WinXP bootup screen, and then a lock up. I've tried to install the drivers several times, all leaving me with a locked system.

So, I formatted Windows XP all together, and tried from scratch. I installed the detenator drivers as well as the nforce drivers (i have an nforce1 board). Once again, on reboot, the system froze.

So, I booted into safemode, and decided to uninstall the nforce drivers, and rebooted the system. This time I was able to boot in, however, without my nforce stuff.

I can play games like Quake3, etc. But when I went to install Max Payne 2, it complained that I didn't have AGP acceleration enabled, which I'm guessing is something to do with the nforce drivers. I tried to go ahead and play the game, but it locks up my system whenever it does anything 3D. The system also locked up randomally using 3dmark2001, so, this is not just MP2 causing it.

I tried to install the nforce drivers again, just to see, and of course, I couldn't boot into windows (locks up after the Windows XP screen).

What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? It seems that my card and the nforce drivers aren't compatible.

Here is my system:

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
512 MB DDR ram
XFX Geforce4 ti4200 128MB DDR AGP8X
Asus A7N266-E Mobo (Nforce1)
AOC 9GLR 19" Monitor
DirectX 9.0
nVidia Drivers:
nforce drivers attempted: 2.45
Windows XP SP1

Thank you.

10-25-03, 02:28 PM
Hmm, I had a similar issue when I used an SIS motherboard, but my problem was that it locked up if I didn't uninstall the old dets before I switched the card. Is there any way you can try installing Win2k or Win98, it may be a WinXP problem. Also maybe try installing the 30.xx drivers instead, there were apperently a few motherboard incompatabilities introduced with the 32.xx drivers and above.

Sorry I couldn't help more, I don't know much about Nforce chipsets.

10-25-03, 02:44 PM
Unfortunitly I am unable to install Windows 2000 or 98 because I don't have any free partitions left.

Everything ran perfect with my Geforce2 mx200 64meg card, so the problem is specific to this ti4200 card.

As well, everything seems to be running good in my linux install

10-25-03, 05:19 PM
Tried a bios update to the mobo yet?

Sad to hear youre having trouble, I've installed 3 different Ti4200 to 3 diff mobos for my friends and they all went smooth as water.. I've only ever had to fight with ATI hardware on the gfx side.