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10-26-03, 07:10 PM
OK I have a FX 5200 for now. The thin is when I use drivers 44.03 I get 6900+ benchmark then when 45.23 I get as low as 6100+ I used driver cleaner to get rid of all old drivers before I installed the knew ones. What gives? If this happens with the knew Dets I'll go back to the 44.03

10-26-03, 07:15 PM
The 44.03 are prolly more 'optimized' for the benchmark you're using than the 45.23. There's no need to switch from a driver version to another just to up your benchie scores, in my opinion, unless you only bought your card to run benchies. You should install the 52.16 anyway.


10-27-03, 02:40 AM
*Agrees* You should also know that 3dmarks is very sensitive to most things, but it dosent mean a whole lot in terms of game FPS i think.

Its quite funny when you see people here raving about there score droping 300 or so points... You cant see it with your bare eye. Same could also be sayd when they get 300 or so more in score ;)

So unless the frame rate drops by 10 or so fps in your games, don't worry too much about it :)

The new drivers seems good, but there are some nasty known problems in some games *none that I have anyway* So read the release notes and if you are unaffected by those problems then goahead and use the new drivers :) Lots of people say Halo works alot better with them.

10-27-03, 04:40 AM
Thank's I don't think I'll use knew drivers until I get theknew games. Anyway when my mates and I have a Lan I think only one other system has a Graphics card that can handle those knew games.

Thanks I just didn't get whatwas going on