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02-06-13, 10:46 PM

Bald space marines! They‚??re pretty great, huh? Always shooting aliens and misplacing their hair everywhere. But in case that¬*pinnacle of videogame characterization wasn‚??t doing it for you, Phosphor Games is hoping to offer more. Way more. Way, way, way, way more. As in, pretty much anything you can imagine. The basic idea behind Project Awakened (http://www.phosphorgames.com/awakened/) is that you get a nigh-bottomless pool of superheroic powers and looks to mix and match in whatever manner you please. These, for instance: ‚??An invisible hero who can charm enemies to fight for her. A non-violent hero with super speed and agility racing past enemies to the goal. A man who spontaneously combusts at will and touches everyone to incinerate them.‚?? OK, well, that last one is the Human Torch, one of the most well-known heroes of all time. But the others seem fairly unique. Video and details after the break.

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