View Full Version : fx5200 or radeon 8500 /9100

10-26-03, 10:47 PM
ok, i'm just gonna find a low budget card.but which is better guys?5200 has dx9 support but 8500 is a nice performer for its price.which one...?

10-26-03, 11:44 PM
Hmm, well the 9000/9100/9200 is just a more expensive but SLOWER version of the 8500, so avoid it at all costs. The 8500 is a good DX8 performer, but if you use Anti-aliasing at all avoid it like the plauge (along with the 9000/9200). The 5200 isn't the fastest, but it supports DX9 which will work in most games that only use the effects lightly (it will be totally unplayable in games that use it a lot, like TR:AOD and HL2), for things which use it too much you'll have to scale it back to DX8 mode.

However, if you want a solid-performing DX8 card, pick up a TI4200 if you can. It's a decent amount faster then the both the FX5200 and the 9200/8500, and should be cheaper as well. If that's not an option though...I'd say the FX5200. Oh, and I think Newegg sells 128 meg FX5200 cards for $70 shipped, that's a decent deal.

10-27-03, 12:29 AM
9000/9200 is stripped down R200 core... 9100=8500...

If you can get ahold of a 128bit 9100 128mb, it'd be a nice card.... Catalyst updates have helped the R200 core, add to that the fact that the 9100 could probably run PS1.4 faster than a 5200 could run ps1.1...

A ti4200 is always a good choice in a situation like this, but if it's between the 2 cards you mentioned, get a 9100.... just make sure you get one wit a 128bit memory bus...


10-27-03, 01:13 AM
Ti4200. Grab a 64MB one if you want to save more, they're price comparable with just about anything one would want nowadays. (And considering one is looking for "budget" one isn't planning on straining it hard anyway.)

10-27-03, 12:43 PM
thx guys.anyway i wanna know does radeon 8500 can do "mirror" thing for max payne2 ?or does fx5200 ?

10-27-03, 04:43 PM

some people are getting the 9600pro in the 9600se box; not bad for $130 when it includes HL2...

some peeps have all the luck:angel: