View Full Version : Please your opinion about EMPIRES DAWN OF THE MODERN EARTH and COMMANDOS 3

10-27-03, 05:22 AM
Man i am hearing some very good words about EMPIRES D.O.M.E

It is like Age of Empires and Empire EARTH with more REALISM and beautifull graphics

as about Commandos 3 i am hearing it is a dissapointment especialy in gameplay....

Anyone that has these games can you say your experience and if they worth the buy???

10-27-03, 04:13 PM
Empires - what you said. Beautiful graphics, enhanced gameplay, unique civilizations (distinct architecture, units, special abilities etc). I was beta testing it, so if you uliked EE, AoK you'll love Empires. It's basically EE2. (the reviews are great as well - IGN Review (http://www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/launchreview.asp?reviewid=299373))

Commandos 3 - judging from the demo and the impresssions i've been reading at the official boards, it seems like they messed the game up. Locked 800x600 resolution, unability to remap hot keys (and they are also mapped differently from Com2), not long, some timed missions (rushing you, taking the planning element from them), driver, dog, and the woman from Com2 - not there, etc etc. Some of those will be probably fixed in a patch, but as it stands out right now, i wouldn't spend $50 on it. I'd recommend getting Hidden&Dangerous 2 if you're looking for a stealth game, it's just like Commandos but in 3D with some very nice touches - a truly great game (which is also in need of patch, but mailny for some interface/AI issues, nothing serious, the game is awesome).