View Full Version : Using AA with 52.16 Official drivers

10-27-03, 11:52 PM
I usually have AA and AF on when playing UT2k3 but i have to turn off AA when playing this game know. If im in the game for about 2 minutes some of the ruaine has colored blocks in them even the pods where the healths are have colored pixels . Speed of maps are ok i get decest framerates but i get this checkerbox look in some areas in some maps. Is there a problem with AA in certain modes or is it me everything runs ok but this is a weird issue. has anyone had this problem with AA or anything with these becuae i am know after a few hours of play but everything else is fine and all my games work fine.

10-28-03, 09:03 AM
I'm using the 52.16's with my 5900 and I play UT2003 with AA and AF every night for a while and haven't noticed anything wrong.

Is your card memory overclocked at all? If it is knock it down. A word of advice about the auto detect, it can spit out clock frequencies that are too high for the card to run at, I found that out. :p I had an issue similar to yours when my memory was overclocked too high on my 5600Ultra and I immediately reduced the overclock and I didn't get any colored pixels, they actually looked like little colored boxes.

If you're not overclocking try uninstalling the drivers and use driver cleaner to wipe out any remaining **** and reinstall the drivers.

10-28-03, 01:25 PM
I don't overclock becaus of stability. But i still get the checkered colors in certain spots in the game. Are these drivers overclocking my cards or is it the AA becaue i turn off AA and everything works great so maybe its my rig but its very stable to me so .