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army of one
10-28-03, 01:25 PM
i did a search and found nothing, i was wondering if anyone could send me a link for a guide on removing the 5900 heatsink and shim and puting on Arctic silver(dont wanna mees up my brand new card... i would much rather read a guide) .. thanks alot

10-28-03, 01:32 PM
dont know if the 5900's heatsink is mounted like the 5800 that i had way back, but there's supposed to be a metal tab that you can push down on and slide off to the side

unless of course it uses push pins, then get paper clip, and with the fan side down, push out the pins with the paper clip

10-29-03, 01:19 AM
In most cases it's not worth the trouble and you might damage the card to get a few extra Mhz.I took mine off and put AS III on it and was able to go up about 5Mhz and it was'nt worth the trouble.

10-29-03, 12:42 PM
I to put AS3 on my FX, and tottaly screwed up my card http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?threadid=20271 Its indeed smarter to leave it the way it is. unless u know what ur doing. Thought i did :( I did not find a guide on how it has to be done on a GPU, i followed the cpu way.
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