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army of one
10-28-03, 03:18 PM
well i just applyed some arctic silver 3 to my 5900 by removing the heatsink and the ram sinks... i just started up my comp and its idling at 65 :eek:
is there an amount of time i have to wait for it to set in and dry?
how in the world could the arctic silver make it hotter then thoose piece of crap shims? someone please help thank you..

army of one
10-28-03, 03:59 PM
can anyone help? does it have to dry for a certain amount of time? or what?

10-28-03, 05:11 PM
If the gpu on the card is registering 65C at idle I would say that you do not have good contact between the sink and the gpu. You may have put too much AS (it can act as an insulator if too much is applied). Anyway, I would check by removing the sink carefully and check that you are getting full contact between the sink and the gpu.

10-28-03, 05:32 PM
You only need enough compound to fill in any air gaps. Ideally, you want metal to metal contact with any air pockets filled with compound. A "perfectly" lapped GPU and heatsink would not need any compound at all (but nothing is perfect).

army of one
10-29-03, 06:48 PM
i just put a good mount on and its still reading 59 degrees idle

10-29-03, 06:58 PM
you remembered to plug the fan back in right ?

10-29-03, 10:31 PM
check the fan to see if its turning