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10-28-03, 10:30 PM
Got this bit of info at W2S (http://www.warp2search.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=15084). It seems after all this time Blizzard did release a 1.10 patch for Diablo II. You can directly download the standalone patch from here (http://www.nin9.de/_temp/LODPatch_110.exe).

I was cleaning out the basement in my parents' house and found my DII and LoD CDs. I installed the game again and dusted off my trustly lvl 72 Paladin. I briefly played some of Act IV on Hell, and the game is noticably more difficult. Enemies are a lot harder to kill now, even when my guy does well over 1400 base damage per hit. But that also means more experience when you defeat enemies. :D

The Baron
10-28-03, 10:33 PM

After playing Zy-El, a D2 mod, for a few months, 1.10 still seems like a walk through the park.

Zy-El was the mod where until you were level 40 or so, you couldn't touch Andariel in Normal. Levels went up to 5000, but still, unless you were doing xp runs with high-level guys, it was unbelievably hard.

10-29-03, 05:32 AM
Ive tried the beta patch ... you mean that is the official one ?
I know the beta program closed some time ago.
*one of them wiped all my single player characters clean*

Interesting new features and tweaks. But most of it is only avalible on high levels, and the only high level characters I used to have is on the realm servers (probably long gone by now) So Ive only played with a character around level 60.

When I red about the patch release on blizzards battle.net site I almost choked on my coffie "-This patch contains almost enugh changes to be an expantion pack". Man ... if blizzards upcoming expantions is going to be like this ... then Im not gonna by them ;) *hehe* You shouldn't take that statement too serious, if you ask me this patch just contain all that stuff that were promized before lod was even released. Even before D2 was released. They talked about new items being added on the realms every now and then. Fully possible but they were just too lazy I guess.

There's only one problem with this patch I think. Its 2 years too late!!
Blizzard has nothing to be proud about with this patch.
Enugh ranting.